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2018December 14. : "Flower ~ HANA ~]

2018December 14. : 12/16 Take the 40 dolls!

2018December 14. : 12/16 Join home town Dolpa 40. SD-015

Good evening ladies and me.
Another is a home town Dolpa Tokyo!.

This "flower ~ HANA ~" of SD, MSD size's new
Each 2 pieces at a time.

"Hana-HANA-" of costumes will be series, made from materials with great attention.
Kimono fabric using luxury crepe.
And with bands of this accessory is none very slow in making(^_^;)。
Green (SD &MSD) costumes, accessories for bead stitches made.
The ornament using Swarovski.
Black dress (SD) and blue (MSD) costume is fisherman's jewellery.
But it took the black costume accessories(^_^;)
Accessories presence is outstanding.

Please come back to see the new space.

This is Akira's participation.


Lin Hua

2018March, 10th. : Kyoto Dolpa 14 for MSD outfits

2018March, 10th. : Home town Dolpa Kyoto 14 space: 063-SD

Dear friends, good evening!.

Tomorrow is the home town Dolpa Kyoto 14-?
This new is the in SD and MSD size matching together flawlessly.
I know it was finished(??>?<?)。??
Please come back, come to?

Tomorrow, we will participate, Bill.

We are looking forward to meet you at the venue!